Natural eye wrinkles remedies

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Aging isn’t an easy process for anyone. Wrinkles turn up in all sorts of places, and it’s difficult to keep track of all the various anti-aging creams, serums and medications that are available.

Under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet are especially hard to tame down, but these all-natural methods will keep them at bay and reduce their appearance.

Fighting wrinkles is as simple as raiding your pantry.

To reduce the look of under-eye wrinkles, try using a mixture of ginger and honey as a paste.


There are many different honey/ginger ratios, so you’ll have to try experimenting to find the combination that’s right for you. It can feel a bit funny at first, but don’t give up! Ginger’s healing properties and honey’s moisturizing ability make this combo a dream team in fighting signs of aging. You can also eat the mixture to promote healing from within for a healthier you.


Olive oil is a great solution for crows feet and unsightly wrinkles around the eyes, so don’t be afraid to use it to its full potential! Olive oil helps smooth and moisturize your face while providing essential vitamins for brighter, healthier skin. Straight Vitamin E oil can also be used in place of olive oil to produce the same effect. Each oil pairs well with honey to boost the effects of this homemade serum, so mix and match as you please.


Coconut oil, perhaps the most versatile oil in a person’s kitchen cupboard, can also be applied to eye wrinkles. Not only does it moisturize and provide a variety of nutritional vitamins, but it also helps to draw impurities from the skin. Stubborn blackheads that are difficult to get rid of in hard-to-reach angles are effectively eliminated by applying coconut oil to the affected areas. For wrinkle reduction, gently rub the oil into the skin where the wrinkles are. You can either leave it on overnight or wash it off before going to bed.


Staying hydrated is incredibly important when it comes to your skin’s health, as well as your body’s. Without water, our bodies would shut down and cease to function; the same cannot be said about coffee, soda or milk. H2O is simply too important! You can keep healthy levels of hydration by eating foods rich in antioxidants and moisturizers, such as avocados, green tea and berries. Cabbage and lettuce are also great for hydrating your skin, so don’t skimp on the leafy greens! Make sure to drink plenty of water also. Our bodies use up more water than most people know, so drink the recommended amount of four 16-ounce glasses per day.

There are many other methods to get rid of those under eye wrinkles, and different combinations of foods, oils and extracts that can be used for at-home remedies for a variety of uses; these are just a few of them, but we found these particular solutions especially helpful.

Don’t be afraid to explore other options as well to find one that works well for you. Let us know which method is your favorite!

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