I miss TV series like Little house on the prairie

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When scrolling through the television lineup on your TV Guide, you’ll see a fraternization of shows glorifying sex, violence and deceit.

It’s one bad show after another, each one depending on more negative values than the next to achieve the highest ratings. The selection is awful when compared to that of our childhoods. It’s what makes me miss shows like Little House on the Prairie. Little House on the Prairie was a plethora of good values taught to our children through the Ingall family’s example.

Value of hard work

First, they taught us the value of hard work.

This was a family that had no television, computers or iPads, and their free time was typically spent learning new skills or doing family activities.

Living on the farm isn’t easy; it requires dedication, early hours and the drive to make the farm succeed. Back in those days, people like the Ingalls depended on a good crop to see them through the winter. Each of the Ingalls had their daily chores to do their part and help out.

Each child worked more in a day than most modern kids do in a month, or for some, a year!

Honesty and Quality of character

Secondly, Little House on the Prairie taught us honesty and quality of character.

The Ingalls held a strong belief in God and the principles of the Bible, which promote selflessness and truth-telling, among hundreds of other notable actions and characteristics.

Each family member was taught that lying was wrong and that you should care for others more than yourself. It’s because of this that many children watching the show learned to treat others with respect and dignity. It also encouraged more honest actions and better family dynamics in the home. There’s a lot to be learned in today’s society from this.

Family and support

Lastly, it taught us to support one another no matter what. Early settlers in that time faced many hardships, anything from a shortage of crops to severe winter storms that would wipe out livestock. There was also the matter of sickness and disease that threatened the lives of settlers and their families. Each family looked out for one another.

If one was suffering, the others would step up to provide essential needs and assistance to help them out. This was a time before government programs coddled much more fortunate individuals, so it was up to each family to ensure the safety of their own as well as others.


Little House on the Prairie showed a closely-knit community that truly cared for each and every member, even the not-so-favorable ones who were little more than antagonists. It was this godly love that held the Ingalls together through all the trials they faced.

The difference between the culture of our youth and the one we see together is so great that it’s hard to imagine a show like Little House on the Prairie ever existed, but it did. In this author’s humble opinion, every family should start watching this series with their children to instill positive values and a wholesome TV viewing experience.

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