Why skincare routine is important

skincare productFemale beauty doesn’t have to do with just makeup; a lot of girls and young women take personal pride in their skin care routine to make sure their skin is soft, smooth and healthy.

These women know how important it is to take good care of their skin, but the finer points of skin care may be lost on others.

So why should you take the time to develop a healthy skin care routine?

It keeps you healthy

We all know that healthy skin has a better appearance.

Without a healthy skin care routine, acne and rashes can pop up and leave us looking less than our best.

Poor skin care can also lead to bacterial infections and causes our skin to scar more easily. Making sure you have picture perfect skin is more than a beauty issue; it’s also a health issue.

The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is also reduced when you take proper care of your skin. Staying hydrated and eating right can help maintain or increase your skin’s elasticity, thus preventing early signs of aging.

Healthy skin raises your self-esteem

When your skin is mottled with pimples, zits and sores, it’s hard to feel good about yourself.

Looking in the mirror becomes a chore that you dread every day.

Why go through the rigmarole of hurting your own feelings just because you didn’t want to wash your face?

Recovering your self-esteem with a healthy skin routine can also increase your attractiveness to your significant other. It takes a lot of work to keep the seduction game going, and a lot of it has to do with appearance.

Healthy skin is insanely attractive to the opposite sex, so get out of bed and wash your face in the mornings. Your love life will thank you.

You can relax and enjoy your beautiful skin

Because of the stressful nature of our professional life, our hormones can understandably get out of control and cause more severe acne problems or more wrinkles.

Moreover, skin conditions such as rosacea or dermatitis may be aggravated if you fail to take care of your skin.

Then there’s the fact that having these problems can cause you even more stress, thus repeating the cycle.

The battle drags on, and you find yourself on the losing side. Don’t worry!

Having a set skin care routine that you stick to can do away with all of these problems and leave you feeling assured and relaxed. Acne is one less thing you need to worry about, so eliminate that stressful part of your life with healthy practices!

Your skin care routine doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Keeping your skin clean is the main part of it, so as long as you have a good cleanser and moisturizer, that’s really all there is to it. Not everyone does well with the same skin care routine, however. Stores usually have several varieties from different brands; try out a few different cleansing systems and see which one is right for you.

Why Liane the jungle goddess is my role model ?

liane jungle goddessEvery young woman needs a good role model.

Looking around at prominent female figures today, it’s evident that the pickings are slim.

Reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian may be the epitome of modern beauty, but their morals are severely lacking.

Girls who were once teen role models have grown up to become bad influences; you’d be hard pressed to find anyone close to the role models we used to have that inspired us.

Who can a twenty-something turn to for positive inspiration these days?

It’s time for a blast from the past. In 1956, German director Eduard von Borsody brought the world Liane, Jungle Goddess. Though her appearance is what some would call “uncivilized,” this wild woman has a lot of admirable qualities.

The 1950s weren’t exactly a time when women came out on top. Attitudes toward women were that they should stay in their role as a housewife, and it wasn’t until much later that feminism really made some headway. Liane burst onto the scene as a rarity of her time.

This feminine take on Tarzan is an ideal role model for young women who want to make their own way in the world.

So who exactly is Liane?

Deep in the jungles of Africa, Liane is a wild woman who is discovered by a group of German explorers led by a man named Thoren. Thoren and his companion Jacqueline are saved by Liane when the native Botos try to kill them.

After discovering that Liane is the long-lost granddaughter of shipping tycoon Theo Amelongen, they take her back to Germany, and a family dispute ensues with Theo’s nephew Viktor which leads to both men’s deaths and a foiled plot to get rid of Liane.

Liane eventually returns to the jungle she once called home and celebrates her new inheritance with her friends, both new and old.

As a 25-year-old woman watching this movie, it’s easy to see why Liane is such an admirable character.

What values does she embody ?

Rather than the typical misogynist view that a woman could never survive on her own in the wilds, Liane, Jungle Goddess shows us a woman who is fierce and independent.

Not only did she survive the shipwreck that killed her shipmates, but she also learned to live off the land and befriend the local tribes, gaining their respect.

Her animal companion is as fierce as she is; a lion cub named Simba follows her wherever she goes.

Rather than being a damsel in distress, it is Liane who first rescues Thoren from the Botos.

She has such an influence with them that she is able to simply talk them down, showing that despite her being a woman, she is greatly respected by the men of the tribe.

Her words hold a power that renders a fight unnecessary.

Liane’s strength, kindness and independence make her the kind of woman teenage girls want to grow up to be.

Move over, Wonder Woman. There’s a new female role model in town.


First post on my blog

Hi dear reader,

welcome to my new shiny blog akaliane.net. I am adrienne but most my friends like to call me liane, because I asked them to. I have always liked this name, so that gave me the idea to call my blog akaliane.

Pretty original, don’t you think?

In this blog, I will probably write about stuff that I like ranging from beauty, cosmetics, to movies, tv series. I guess it will be a small melting pot of the things I like.

well, don’t know what to say for this first blog post.

I just hope I will have some readers 🙂

In the meantime, here is a video that might give you a hint as to why I like the name liane, the jungle goddess 🙂